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As a public research university, FIU has a mandate to pursue both basic and applied research and scholarship. HWCOM supports FIU’s research initiatives through the following research foci:

  1. Cancer Biology: Addressing new methods of cancer diagnosis and treatment through novel signaling pathways and development of drugs in collaboration with clinical research initiatives. This program is aligned with the October 2012 Florida Department of Health’s Biomedical Research Advisory Council action to create a “Florida System of Cancer Care”
  2. Environmental Science and Toxicology: The human carcinogen arsenic ranks first on the EPA’s Superfund List of Hazardous Substances.  HWCOM faculty have well-funded programs to identify the pathways of arsenic uptake and detoxification and to develop drugs for the prevention of arsenic carcinogenesis.  These studies are complementary to HWCOM’s research emphasis on cancer biology (#1)
  3. Community Based Participatory and Applied Research: This program focuses on the prevention and health care needs of neighborhoods served by the HWCOM Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP™ component of the HWCOM curriculum. HWCOM researchers will further extend current behavioral health research by directly dealing with major health determinants in the community (e.g., HIV, substance abuse, diabetes mellitus, breast cancer) through participatory research in these public health issues.
  4. Immunology and HIV/AIDS: This well-funded program has basic and translational research and training in neuro-immune pharmacology and novel nanotechnology drug delivery, with a special emphasis on drug abuse, HIV and related medical fields.
  5. Reproduction and Development: The genetic basis of reproduction and its perturbations underlies every clinical discipline. Elucidation requires expertise of every basic science department and many research disciplines. Research includes genetics, cell signaling and novel drug development.
  6. Psychiatry & Behavioral Health:  This program explores novel therapies for children and adolescent behavioral issues in collaboration with the Center for Children and Families with emphasis on ADHD and autism conditions in adolescences