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Tenure and Non-Tenure Promotion

HWCOM Promotion Policy

Full time, part time, and voluntary faculty are eligible for promotion as recommended by their department consistent with HWCOM Faculty Bylaws under Part VII: Promotion and Tenure. In order to be prepared for promotion, faculty are encouraged to keep their Curriculum Vitae up-to-date in order to document their scholarly productivity, educational activities, and professional development.  FIU has provided an on-line database, Panther180, which is available to assist.

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Non-tenure-track faculty make valuable contributions to the missions of FIU and Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM), and their talents and professional accomplishments complement those of tenure-track faculty. Offering a promotion track for non-tenure-track faculty aims to build a stronger university by recognizing the outstanding teaching records of these faculty and their contributions to FIU.

Because HWCOM faculty members are designated as out-of-unit employees by the Florida International University Board of Trustees and the United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement, guidelines for promotion are found in the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Faculty Bylaws.

We have two presentations that outline the key information that faculty need.

Promotions 101:

This 20 minute talk walks faculty through what they should start doing as soon as possible to position themselves for promotion down the line – CV maintenance, knowing rank and track,  the annual review process, and identifying up-to-date information along the way.

View our Promotions 101 video below.


Click here to view Powerpoint presentation.

Promotions 201:

This talk is for faculty planning to go up for promotion the next year. It reviews the timeline, the candidate’s responsibilities, and details the contents of the promotions file.  

Click here to view the Promotions 201 Powerpoint Presentation.

View our Promotions 201 video below.


For those faculty on the Educator Scholar track consider reviewing the AAMC Monograph "Advancing Educators and Education: Defining the Components and Evidence of Educational Scholarship" This 2007 document provides a comprehensive outline and description of the elements of promotion based on work in education. The FIU HWCOM Educator Scholar track was designed based on the framework offered here. The monograph also includes examples of educator portfolios. While NTT promotion on the Educator Scholar track here at HWCOM does NOT require a formal educator portfolio, the examples here include information that is very appropriate in the Evidence section of an Educator Scholar Track promotions file.


Before beginning the promotion process, it is strongly recommended that you contact the following who can provide redacted samples of previous submissions:

Jonathan Sussman, MSEE, MBA

Important Forms and Guidelines for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

These forms and guidelines provide important information regarding the non-tenure-track promotion process and application procedures.

Tenure-Track Faculty

Tenure and promotion contributes to the resilience of the university through recognition of faculty members.

According to the Florida International University Tenure and Promotion Manual, the faculty and administration of FIU—in compliance with the requirements of the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida and the FIU Board of Trustees—endorse the guidelines for faculty tenure and promotion. In the event of a conflict between the policies in the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Faculty Bylaws and the Florida International University Board of Trustees and the United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Florida International University Board of Trustees and the United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement shall control.

HWCOM faculty members are designated as out-of-unit employees. The collective bargaining agreement applies to in-unit faculty, but tenure and promotion policies and procedures are consistent for all faculty.

Departmental criteria for tenure and promotion may be obtained from the respective department chair.

Tenure-track faculty should refer to the FIU Provost’s website for instructions, forms, timeframes relevant to Third Year Review and Tenure and Promotion FIU Faculty Resources.

Important Guidelines and Forms for Tenure-Track Faculty