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Financial Assistance Counseling

Counseling is provided for both prospective and current students from admissions through graduation. We have an open door policy as well as appointment scheduling.

Pre Admissions

Students are advised on the Financial Aid application process including FAFSA and the process once admitted: award letter, disbursement, etc. In the Interview sessions, we provide a handout and a short presentation where we advise on the FAFSA, MPAS Cost of Attendance, budgeting, borrowing only what is needed, paying down credit card debt prior to enrollment, obtaining and reviewing a free credit report.

Orientation Week

Students are given a presentation where we review budgeting, the Cost of Attendance, formulating a budget to live within their means, disbursement dates emphasizing length of time between refunds to develop the understanding that funding must last. Students can also meet with us at any time to discuss financial concerns and general questions one on one.

Academic Year

Students can meet with the Office of Financial Assistance for a one on one entrance counseling appointment during their first semester in the MPAS program. Students attend Debt Management Program presentations and complete online modules regarding debt and money management covering topics a variety of topics regarding finances. Students can also meet with the HWCOM Office of Financial aid at any time to discuss financial concerns and general questions one on one.


Students are required to complete an Exit Counseling session and have the option to meet with us for a one on one exit counseling appointment during their last semester in the MPAS Program to review their individual loan history, general debt and repayment strategies including loan consolidation, loan forgiveness, and deferment/forbearance options, and address any additional financial concerns or questions before graduation.