Mammography Art Initiative Presents

the 7th Annual MAI Art Show

Evening of Saturday October 20th, 2018
Time & Location TBA

Early detection of breast cancer is key to improving rates of remission and reducing mortality. For women who lack access to preventative health care or who cannot afford screening mammograms, the rate of late-stage diagnoses are increased. Detecting breast cancer in a late stage imparts a significantly higher cost burden of treatment to the patient that may be prohibitively expensive. This is where the Mammography Art Initiative (MAI) comes in. Started in 2011 as a project by medical students and faculty of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, the initiative serves communities in Miami-Dade County and aims to enable underserved women, who otherwise lack the means to obtain a screening mammogram, to receive one, as well as associated counseling services. Over the past seven years, the mission of MAI has expanded to include diagnostic mammograms, breast biopsies, and other women’s health issues like cervical cancer prevention and screening.


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