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Faculty Mentoring

Moving along the path of professional success requires guidance in many forms. The need for guidance and the type of guidance most appropriate for each of us changes over time. We rely on other faculty to provide formal or informal mentoring that might last a few weeks or many years, help with building skills through coaching or collaboration, or information that comes out of just a meeting or two to discuss important questions.

Some people obtain effective guidance from those they already work with and in their daily routines, and do not need help with identifying mentors or coaches. Research shows however that many others, especially women and those from underrepresented groups, benefit from more formal programs and relationships.

We want to make sure that each faculty member has access to the mentoring that best suits her/his needs.

To work toward this goal, we offer the following within the College of Medicine:

  1. A representative of the Associate Dean for Faculty contacts new faculty shortly after hire to discuss their preferences, and their ability to mentor and provide guidance to others. The Associate Dean for Faculty is available to meet with any faculty member to discuss options for meeting mentoring needs.
  2. Any faculty member can complete this Request for Advising, Mentoring or Other Guidance and email it to
  3. The following people are available to meet with any faculty member to discuss options for meeting their needs for mentoring or other guidance:

*Associate Dean for Faculty

*Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

*Associate Dean for Women in Medicine and Science

Faculty who seek mentoring from individuals outside of the College of Medicine should contact the excellent FIU Faculty Mentor Program at: This program accepts assistant professors as mentees and associate professors and professors as mentors.

Any faculty member who wants to serve as a mentor is encouraged to contact one of the Associate Deans listed above!

The Group on Faculty Affairs at the AAMC offers several written resources on mentoring, including a review of the elements of a successful mentoring relationship. As you consider identifying the right mentor for you, or serving as a mentor yourself, we encourage you to check these out at

If you would like to participate in mentoring or guiding others, please email any of the individuals above.