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Preparing to Teach

To participate in clinical teaching of FIU HWCOM students, you must have a clinical faculty appointment and undergo an initial orientation with the clerkship or course director, or their designee. The following information is designed to supplement and reinforce what you gain from orientation.

It’s important that you feel ready to teach and that we’ve done the best we can to prepare you to teach and assess our students. The goal is when you do get a student, you are efficient in making the most of your time with them, teaching effectively and efficiently.

What will you want to know about in preparing to teach?

  • What the students know and can do while working with you
  • The student goals of learning while with you
  • How to prepare your team to effectively and efficiently incorporate the student into your clinical practice or team.
  • How to assess the student.
  • How to make sure the learning environment is as positive as possible.

In what ways can you obtain this knowledge?

  • Have a conversation with the clerkship director or the clinical faculty development director about your role in teaching and assessment.
  • Complete the 10-15 minute online teaching modules. The topics include orientation to clerkship teaching, assessing the student and giving feedback.