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The Medical Student Counseling and Wellness Center (MSCWC) provides free, professional, and confidential personal counseling services exclusively for the HWCOM medical students. The MSCWC psychologists specialize in mental health, wellness, and issues relevant to medical student life. Enrolled students may receive counseling throughout their professional education and training.

The center provides a full range of psychological and mental health services designed to support medical student success. Services are designed to foster the academic potential of students by enhancing their personal development as well as their psychosocial and emotional health. The staff of MSCWC are also involved in the HWCOM Fit & Well Program, which is a wellness program provided exclusively to medical students.

Our Services

  • Counseling Services: Individualized Psychosocial Assessment; Individual and Couples Counseling; Crisis Intervention; Psychological Testing
  • Psychological Assessments: Clinical Assessments, Learning Disability/Psycho-educational Evaluations (including ADHD evaluation), (Neuro)-psychological/Cognitive Processing Assessments, Therapeutic Assessment, and Strength-based Assessments such as Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Maslach Burnout Scale, Empathy Type Evaluator, and Strength Finders.
  • Personalized Wellness Needs Assessment: Individual Wellness Sessions covering topics such as: lifestyle management, nutrition and fitness and stress/burnout resiliency building
  • Biofeedback Services: Biofeedback Needs Assessment; Individualized Biofeedback Sessions based on needs
  • Aromatherapy Services: Individually tailored to student needs. Mindfulness practices incorporated into sessions.
  • Workshops provided throughout medical training: Topics covered: Adjustment to Medical School, Stress Management, Burnout, Time Management, Sleep Hygiene, Healthy Relationships.
  • Crisis and Intervention

    In the event of a mental health or emotional crisis, a psychologist is available to facilitate triage. After hours and weekends, please contact the on-call Dean for the Office of Student Affairs at (305)-348-0696.

    If it is a medical emergency and/or there is a life threatening situation, please do not hesitate to call 911.

    The Switchboard of Miami is also a great resource. Feel free to contact the "Help Line" at 305-358-HELP / (305-358-4357)

    Students can call Counseling and Psychological Services to speak to a licensed mental health counselor after-hours at 305-348-2277 #1 for urgent matters.

  • Why Do Students Attend Counseling?

    Medical students at HWCOM frequently use our services to address:

    • Personal Issues: stress, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, low self-esteem, grief, post- traumatic stress, attention deficit
    • Relationship Issues: romantic relationship difficulties, sexual concerns, roommate problems, family issues
    • Developmental Issues: sense of identity, sexual orientation, adjustment to medical school, life transitions
    • Academic Concerns: study skills, performance anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination
    • Other Issues: effects of trauma, sexual assault, substance abuse, body image, healthy lifestyles

    When medical students require mental health services that are beyond the scope of MSCWC services, we will make referrals to community resources. Some of the issues that are commonly addressed through referral to community providers include: Inpatient or intensive outpatient substance abuse, eating disorders, or mood disorder treatment and court-mandated assessment or treatment requirements.


  • How to Access Care

    Enrolled medical students who are interested in our services are recommended to contact the office at (305)348-1460. An Initial Assessment appointment with a psychologist will be scheduled. During the first meeting, which will be about an hour long, you will be asked to describe your concerns and what you hope to gain from counseling. At the end of this initial meeting, the psychologist will recommend appropriate services based on your needs.

    If you are relocating and have a private psychologist or psychiatrist, it would be helpful for that provider to be able to communicate with the psychologist you will be working with at FIU HWCOM. It is recommended that you sign a Release of Information provided by your private psychologist or psychiatrist which enables him/her to share helpful information to make a smooth transition to our office. Our contact information is:

    FIU HWCOM Medical Student Counseling and Wellness Center
    11200 S.W. 8th Street GL-340
    Miami, FL 33199
    Phone: (305)-348-1460
    Fax: (305)-348-1729

  • Helpful Resources


      • "Coping with Depression"
      • National Institute of Mental Health brochure about depression

    Stress and Anxiety

      • "Anxiety"
      • National Institute of Mental Health brochure about anxiety
      • "Stress Management"
      • "Time Management Skills"


      • "Loneliness"
      • "Feelings at the End of Relationship"
      • How to Help People Experiencing Grief

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

      • "What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?"
      • National Institute of Mental Health brochure about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


      • American Medical Student Association Wellness Resource Guide for Medical Students

    Academic Concerns