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Health Insurance

FIU is pleased to offer our students the opportunity to enroll in an affordable, comprehensive health insurance plan which is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

  • What does this plan features
    • An unlimited policy year maximum
    • Annual deductibles: $200 for Preferred Provider and $500 for Out-of-Network provider
    • Coverage at 80% for Preferred Provider & 70% for Out-of-Network provider
    • Out-of-Pocket Maximum of $6,300 per Insured, per policy year for Preferred Providers and $12,000 per Insured, per policy year for Out-of-Network providers.
    • Preferred Provider Physician’s Office visits covered at 100% after a $30 copay
    • Prescription drug benefits: $15 copay for Tier 1 / $40 copay for Tier 2 / $60 copay for Tier 3
    • Access to Preferred Providers whether at home, school, or throughout the country through the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network
    • Deductible waived and benefits paid at 100% for Covered Medical Expenses when treatment is rendered at the Student Health Center
    • Coverage available for dependents/domestic partner
    • Worldwide Coverage including Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation, & Travel, Assistance Services
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
    • Voluntary Dental available for all students
  • Who is Eligible?
    All College of Medicine students are required to purchase this plan or show proof of comparable coverage.
  • How to Verify coverage?
  • Health Insurance Tracking
    Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine is working directly with American DataBank to facilitate the process whereby our enrolled students can continually download various health forms and submit scanned documents throughout the year, to comply with annual requirements pertaining to immunization tracking (including annual flu vaccination and antibody titers), annual PPD screening, and annual health insurance and safety training documentation. Register with American DataBank and start the process.
  • Online Enrollment Process

    To enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2019-2020 policy year:

    1. Go to: Gallagher Student 
    2. Click on ‘Medical Student Enroll’.
    3. Create a user account or Log in (if a returning user).
    4. You have the option to purchase coverage by semester or for the entire policy year.
    5. Complete the form, select a coverage period, and click ‘Continue’.
    6. Complete the payment information. For those who purchase Annual coverage, a monthly installment payment option is available. Upon completing your online form you will be asked to review the information provided and click ‘submit’ to complete the process. Immediately upon submitting your Online Form you will receive a reference number.

    If you want more information about the benefits available to you through the Student Health Insurance Plan, or want to print or download your ID card, please go to Gallagher Student.

    Questions? Contact Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk toll free 1-877-498-5468 or by going to our website and clicking on the Customer Service link.