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Dr. Marisela Agudelo's research focuses on studying the epigenetic mechanisms regulating alcohol abuse, emphasizing the interactions between alcohol and histone modifications and their modulation of inflammatory genes by immune cells derived from alcohol drinkers and non-drinkers. She conducts both in vitro and ex vivo experiments using biospecimens to isolate immune cells and characterize the expression and function of cannabinoid receptors and histone modifications on monocytes and monocyte-derived cells.

Experimental systems in Dr. Agudelo's lab include:

  • Human cells and plasma from alcohol users as sources to isolate relevant genes, proteins, and possible epigenetic biomarkers.
  • Human peripheral blood as a source to isolate relevant immune cells.
  • Single-cell imaging flow cytometry.

Dr. Agudelo's lab is designed to train and mentor high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. She supports several undergraduate student training programs at FIU, including the Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC U*STAR), Quantifying Biology in the Classroom (QBIC), McNair Scholars Program, Florida Science Training and Research Fellowship, and Doctors of Tomorrow.

Marisela Agudelo, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of immunology in the Department of Immunology and Nano-Medicine. Her lab is located on the 4th floor of Academic Health Center 1, room 433.