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When you give to HWCOM, you invest in the future of South Florida by supporting innovative curricula and programs that train students to address the social determinants of health in medically underserved communities. Together we are working to transform health and health care in South Florida.

Give Today:

  • Albert and Debbie Tano Simulation Center

    The Albert & Debbie Taño Simulation Center teaches clinical and procedural skills using a hands-on approach through state-of-the-art simulation technology and the use of standardized patients. Medical students, residents, and community affiliates participate in transformative training opportunities designed to enhance clinical skills, improve patient safety, promote quality improvement, and advance the use of technology in medical education.

    Gifts made to the Albert & Debbie Taño Simulation Center will support the advancement of the college’s academic mission.

  • Dean’s Medical School Initiative

    General Support of college of medicine initiatives as determined by the Dean.

  • Doctors of Tomorrow Program

    To support activities related to the annual Doctors of Tomorrow program at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The Doctors of Tomorrow program is a free intensive five day program designed to help students navigate the complicated process of applying for medical school and making them more competitive applicants.

  • Family & Friends Association

    Funds are used to support student organizations for initiatives related to their professional development and other initiatives as deemed appropriate by the Association Board and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

  • FAST Emergency Response Team

    Funds are used to support the partnership between FIU and the State of Florida’s Florida Advanced Surgical and Transportation (FAST) team and our efforts to strengthen emergency response by providing mobile medical care to South Florida in the wake of hurricanes or disasters. These funds will support the annual recruitment and training of personnel and the regular upgrading of equipment and medical supplies.

  • Fit & Well Student Program

    The Fit & Well program was created to improve the wellbeing of medical students at HWCOM. Funds will be used for: Providers of special sessions, Incentives for students who participate in the programs and healthy foods & other activities that may improve students’ health.

  • GFF NeighborhoodHELP

    Funds are used to support educational, research and community outreach activities of the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP program.

  • The Joan Peven Smith and Harry B. Smith Endowment

    The Joan Peven Smith and Harry B. Smith Endowment funds will support educational activities sponsored by the Professional Development Strand that further medical students understanding of patients and caregivers experiences’ with health conditions and illnesses. It will also support events intended to raise awareness of the issues that may potentially affect the “human” behind the white coat in the practice of medicine.

  • Mammography Initiative

    The Mammography Initiative is to support better access to subsidized breast health services & info about breast health for underserved woman in Miami. Carried out as a part of the College’s Green Family Foundation Neighborhood HELP.

  • Manuel Viamonte Jr., MD, Endowment

    The Manuel Viamonte Jr., MD Endowment was created to honor Dr. Viamonte’s legacy as a great physician and person. Funds will be used to support national and international education in the field of Radiology. Funds from this endowment may lead to the establishment of the Manuel Viamonte, Jr., MD Endowed Chair in Radiology.

  • Medical Alumni Fund

    The Medical Alumni Fund supports programs aimed at promoting HWCOM’s mission and building strong relationships between the college and medical alumni. At the discretion of the director, these funds will be used solely to develop initiatives and programs that bring together alumni, students, faculty, staff and members of the healthcare community.

  • NHELP Education & Pipeline Program

    Funding will be used for education-related expenses to support students and tutors that serve in the educational pipeline programs. These programs aim to encourage the love of science in children from the South Florida community by doing science-based, interactive activities.

  • Student Enhancement Initiatives

    Supports student initiatives related to extracurricular medical school activities. Initiatives may include but are not limited to student programs & events relating to Panther Communities and student organizations such as student civic engagement activities, healthcare work in the community, community service projects and community based research.

  • Student Medical Education

    Supports individual students or student organizations for activities related to their professional development and academic enrichment. Activities may include but are not limited to hosting or attending medical conferences, residency fairs, professional networking events and lectures, and attending specialized training programs or classes offered outside of FIU.

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