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2015 Admission Report

With the completion of selection of the inaugural class the following demographic information was obtained:

a.  45 students were selected with an average age of 25.5, an average science grade point average of 3.35, and an average overall grade point average of 3.43.

b.  Gender : 39 Females and 6 males


c.  The ethnic breakdown of this inaugural class demonstrates the vast diversity of our student population. As noted in the graph below the Hispanic population is the largest but that is reflective of our overall population demographics of South Florida.


d.  When reviewing our student’s permanent residence when applying to the Program, we noted that Over 90% of our students are from the State of Florida. With the vast majority of those residing in South Florida.


e.  In reviewing our inaugural class’ educational background it was noted that the majority had bachelor’s degrees with no or minimal health care background (see graph below). In fact only about 30% of this cohort worked in the health care field prior to entrance.

Degree Background

In reviewing these demographical statistics it is evident that the Program is fulfilling its first goal of providing Florida students greater access to physician assistant education.