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Courses & Clerkships

Learner-focused innovative curricula advance a passion for scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and comprehensive clinical expertise. Self-directed learning formats include case-based activities, team-based and problem-based learning, simulation, laboratories, and supervised learning in clinical and community venues.


Human Biology and Disease, Illness, and Injury
Clinical Medicine
Professional Development
Medicine and Society

Period 1

Course Number Course Name
BMS 6001 Genes, Molecules, and Cells
BMS 6100 Structure of the Human Body
BMS 6500 Integrated Functions of the Human Body
BMS 6603 Pathology and Infectious Disease
BMS 6400 Pharmacology
BMS 6015 Clinical Skills I
BMS 6891 Professional Behavior I
BMS 6880 Clinical Epidemiology and Quantitative Research
BMS 6820 Humanism and Medical Jurisprudence
BMS 6826 Ethical Foundation of Medicine
BMS 6827 Socio-economic and Cultural Aspects of Health

Period 2

Course Number Course Name
BMS 6633 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
BMS 6631 Hematopoietic and Lymphoreticular Systems
BMS 6643 Integumentary System: The Skin
BMS 6635 Musculoskeletal System
BMS 6634 Gastrointestinal System and Medical Nutrition
BMS 6632 Endocrine Systems
BMS 6637 Reproductive Systems
BMS 6638 Renal System
BMS 6636 Nervous System and Behavior I
BMS 6840 Nervous System and Behavior II
BMS 6016 Clinical Skills II
BMS 6892 Professional Behavior II
BMS 6066 Evidence-Based Medicine & Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
BMS 6067 System Based Practice
BMS 6064 End of Life Care
BMS 6071 Community-Engaged Physician I

Period 3

Course/Clerkship Number Course/Clerkship Name
MDC 7200 Internal Medicine
MDC 7800 Neurology
MDC 7180 Obstetrics and Gynecology
MDC 7400 Pediatrics
MDC 7830 Psychiatry
MDC 7600 Surgery
MDC 7120 Family Medicine
MDC 7760 Radiology
MDC 6102 Community-Engaged Physician II
BMS 7810 Core Concepts in Medicine

Period 4

Course/Rotation Number Course/Rotation Name
MDE 7XXX* Advanced Medicine or Surgery
MDS 7710 Emergency Medicine
MDS 7XXX* Selective: Medical, Surgical, or Hospital-Based Specialty
MDI 7XXX* Subinternship
MDE 7XXX* Elective
MDE 7XXX* Elective
MDC 7124 Geriatrics Clerkship
MDR 7910 Research Scholarship
MDE 7059 Community Medicine Practicum
MDC 6103 Community-Engaged Physician III
MDE 7067 Professional Development and Clinical Medicine Capstone
NOTE:  *Course/Clerkship/Rotation numbers are pending