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Letters of Recommendation

HWCOM requires a minimum of three letters of recommendation, two from science faculty (biology, chemistry, physics, and math) and one from any other faculty member who has taught the applicant. If the school has a Health Professions Advisory Committee, it is expected that the applicant will submit a letter of recommendation from that committee with the three faculty letters described above attached to the advisory committee letter. In addition to the required letters, applicants can submit up to three supplemental letters from physicians, researchers, mentors, employers, etc. Letters of recommendation from friends or relatives are not considered. In all cases, letters should be recent, from individuals who know the student well, and who can assess an applicant’s personal qualities. Letters must be written on official letterhead stationary and signed. The deadline to submit the letters of recommendation is January 15 of the application year but candidates are encouraged to submit all materials as soon as possible, as interviews are scheduled only if the application is complete.

All letters of recommendation must be submitted via the AMCAS Letter Service. Please consult the AMCAS instructions. Please do not send any letters directly to HWCOM.