Haiwei Gu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Cellular Biology and Pharmacology

Email: hgu@fiu.edu

The Gu Research Group focuses on biomarker discovery and metabolic mechanism studies using multi-omics approaches. For metabolomics, we are skilled in the development, optimization, and applications of mass spectrometry (MS) methods for both metabolite level measurements and metabolic flux analysis. We utilize a wide range of platforms, including LC- and GC-MS for untargeted aqueous profiling and lipidomics. We have also developed a number of targeted LC-MS/MS assays to detect panels of metabolites, including >400 identified metabolites from >35 metabolic pathways, as well as assays to interrogate bile acids, acylcarnitines, co-enzymes, and cardiolipins. Recent methods developed by Gu Group include quantitative methods to measure metabolite concentrations, innovative metabolic flux analysis approaches, and ratio analysis methods for unknown identification. In addition, we have extensive experience with advanced multivariate statistical analysis methods.

Recently, we are combining metabolomics and other omics technologies in systems biology, including 16S rRNA sequencing, meta-transcriptomic sequencing, RNA-seq, and other molecular biology approaches. We are working closely with a number of biological researchers and clinical practitioners in various studies. We have been active in the identification of biomarkers for early disease detection, recurrence monitoring, and therapy prediction. We are also involved in mechanistic studies of cancer, aging, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes, health disparities, as well as nutritional and environmental sciences. We have experience running large sample sets that incorporate a number of quality control measures to ensure the reliability of large datasets. Our work in multi-omics is thus applied to a broad range of applications in both basic and clinical metabolic research.

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