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Stephen Black, PhD

Chair, department of cellular biology and pharmacology

Translational Medicine

Office: GL495 H

Phone: 305-348-1486

Stephen Black, PhD, comes to Florida International University (FIU) from the University of Arizona (UA), where he has served as Professor in Medicine and Physiology, Director of the UA Lung Vascular Pathobiology Program, Chief for the Division of Translational & Regenerative Medicine, and Vice-Chair for basic Research in the Dept of Medicine. He joined FIU in May 2021.

At UA, Black has been an accomplished researcher. His work focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying the development of the endothelial dysfunction that precedes the development of PH, the role of reactive oxygen species in this process, and understanding how decreased NO signaling leads to the pulmonary vascular remodeling that is associated with more advanced disease. His work at the UA garnered funding to further investigate the mechanisms by which shear stress stimulates the redistribution of endothelial NOS to the mitochondria; the role of PKG nitration in the disruption of endothelial barrier functions in ALI/ARDS; new signaling pathways and potential therapies for VILI/ARDS.

Black’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally. He served on the Society for Free Radical Biology & Medicine in St. Thomas as Session Chair, he was the Session Chair for the Center for Disease Control International Endothelium Conference and was the Session Chair for the German Pediatric Cardiology Annual Meeting. He is an Abstract Reviewer and Session Chair for the Pediatric Academic Societies and Abstract Reviewer and Junior Investigator Judge for the Society for Free Radical Biology & Medicine.

Dr. Black holds a BS in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, both from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.