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Jayant, Rahul Dev

Title: Assistant Professor

Office: AHC-1, 417B

Phone: 305.348.9063


Curriculum Vitae

Department(s): Immunology and Nano-Medicine

Dr. Rahul Dev Jayant (Ph.D.), currently working as Assistant Professor at the Centre of Personalized Nanomedicine, Department of Immunology of Florida International University (FIU), USA. Dr. Jayant obtained his Ph.D. (2011) in Biomedical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), India. Before moving to USA, Dr. Jayant also worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Prof Gero Decher's Lab at ICS-CNRS, France. In his current research, Dr. Jayant is investigating the novel molecular and nanotechnology based drug delivery approaches for personalized nanomedicine applicable to neuroAIDS. He has over 10 years of experience working at the interface of the material science, pharmaceutical science and nanoformulation development for the therapeutic applications. His main interests are multidisciplinary in nature and primarily focus on development of targeted nanoformulation using nanoparticle, liposome, small molecule delivery (siRNA & DNA) and in-vivo drug pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD) evaluation. Dr. Jayant also been engaged in the entrepreneurial field in order to achieve his terms goal of translating lab discoveries to the industry. He holds 3 patents, published many high quality research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and presented his work in many national & international scientific meetings related to the fields of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine and HIV & Drug Abuse. Dr. Jayant's innovative research has been recognized by many prestigious awards e.g. SPNM-Junior Investigator Research Award; SNIP-Early Career Investigator Travel Award & Arthur Falek Outstanding Poster Presentation Award and AAPS Manufacturing Science and Engineering (MSE) award etc. He is also serving as associate editor, consulting editor, editorial board member and reviewers of many peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is also member of several international scientific organizations including SNIP, SPNM, APPS, IDARS and CRS etc.

Education and Training

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (2013-2016), FIU, Miami, FL, USA
  • Clinical Trial Project Manager (2012-13), Biotrial, Rennes, France
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (2011-12), Institute Charles Sadron (CNRS), Strasbourg, France
  • PhD. (2011), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), Mumbai, India
  • Masters (M.Tech-2006), NIPER, Chandigarh, India
  • Bachelors (B. Phamracy-2004), Delhi University (DU), Delhi, India


  • Title: Intranasal Nanodelivery of Oxytocin to Treat Morphine Addiction in HIV Patients by Gene Editing
    Grant no # 1R03DA044877
    Funding Agency: NIDA, NIH
    Period: 2017-2019
  • Title: Sustained Release of Nano-Medicine up to one month for the Treatment of HIV-1 infection
    Grant no # 800008886
    Funding Agency: The Campbell Foundation
    Period: 2017-2018
  • Title: Intranasal-CNS delivery of β-NAP using novel simultaneous spray technology to reverse opiate and HIV-1 induced neurodegeneration
    Grant no # 800008542
    Funding Agency: HWCOM Pilot Funding
    Period: 2017-2018


  • R.D. Jayant & MPN Nair. Materials and methods for sustained release of active compounds (US20160279069 A1)
  • R.D. Jayant, A. Chaudhary & R. Srivastava. Glucose biosensor system coupled with an anti-inflammatory module and methods for using the same.(US8916136 B2)
  • R.D. Jayant, A. Chaudhary & R. Srivastava. Glucose biosensor system coupled with an anti-inflammatory module and methods for using the same. (19/MUM/2010)

Recent Publications (Selected from +40)

  • Nanoengineered sustained release magnetic formulation to mitigate effects of drug abuse in neuroAIDS. Jayant RD*# & Atluri V*, Tiwari S, Kaushik A, Yndart A and Nair M#. Journal of NeuroVirology, 2017, 23(4), 603-614
  • Electrochemical biosensors for early stage Zika diagnostics. Kaushik A, Tiwari S, Jayant RD, Vashist A, Nikkhah-Moshaie, El-Hage N and Nair M. Tends in Biotechnology, 2017, 34 (4), 308-371
  • Development of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases-1 (TIMP-1) magnetic nanoformulation for regulation of synaptic plasticity in HIV-1 infection. Jayant RD* & Atluri V*, Pilakka-Kanthikeel S, Kaushik A, Yndart A and Nair M. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2016, 11, 4287-4298 (*Equal authorship)
  • Biomaterials and cells for neural tissue engineering: Current choices. Sensharma P, Madhumati G, Jayant RD and Jaiswal AK. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2017, 77, 1302-1315
  • Current Status of human immunodeficiency virus vaccines. Jayant RD*# & Sosa D*, Kaushik A, and Nair M. Vaccine Research Open Journal, 2016; 1(1): e3-e5. doi: 10.17140/VROJ-1-e002 (*#Equal author & Corresponding author)
  • Current status of non-viral gene therapy for CNS disorders. Jayant RD & Sosa D, Kaushik A, Vashist A and Nair M#. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2016, 13, 1433-1445 DOI: 10.1080/17425247.2016. 1188802 (Corresponding author)
  • Role of Biosensing Technology for neuroAIDS Management. Jayant RD and Nair M. Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics 7: e141. doi: 10.4172/2155-6210.1000e141, 2016 (Corresponding author)
  • Nanotechnology for the treatment of NeuroAIDS. Jayant RD and Nair M. Journal of Nanomedicine Research, 3 (1), 00047, 2016 (Corresponding author)
  • Magnetically guided CNS delivery and toxicity evaluation of magneto-electric nanocarriers. Kaushik A*, Jayant RD, Nikkhah-Moshaie R, Bhardwaj V, Roy U, Huang Z, Ruiz A, Yndart A, Atluri A, El-Hage N and Nair M. Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/srep25309, 2016
  • Getting into the Brain: Potential of nanotechnology in the management of NeuroAIDS. Nair M#, Jayant RD*#, Kaushik A, Sagar V. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 103, 202-217, 2016 (Invited review, #Corresponding author)
  • Sustained-release nanoART formulation for the treatment of neuroAIDS. Jayant RD*#, Atluri V, Agudelo M, Sagar V, Kaushik A and Nair M#. International Journal of Nanomedicine 10, 1-17, 2015 (# Corresponding author)
  • The potential of magneto-electric nanoparticles for drug delivery. Jayant RD* & Kaushik A*, Sagar V and Nair M. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 11(10),1635-1646, 2014 (* Equal authorship)

 URL of published work-


Research Areas

  • Nanomedicine, Anti-HIV & Anti-addiction Nano-therapeutics
  • Nanoparticle and Liposome based novel drug delivery systems (NDDS)
  • Novel biomaterials development for targeted drug delivery
  • Biosensor & medical devices



  • Awarded Pilot Grant Funding ($50,000), College of Medicine, FIU, USA-2017
  • Awarded Campbell Foundation Grant ($25,000), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA-2017
  • Recipient of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (MSE) Travel Award for AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, USA-2016
  • Recipient of Best Poster Award at 3rd Annual Society for Personalized NanoMedicine (SPMN) Meeting, USA-2016
  • Recipient of NIDA Travel Award at 1st Annual Chemistry and Pharmacology of Drug Abuse Meeting (CPDA) Meeting, USA-2016
  • Nominated by Department Chair for FIU Senate Faculty Award under “Excellence in Research and Creative Activities” category-2016
  • Recipient of Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT)-Young Investigator Award at 13th Annual Meeting, USA-2016
  • Recipient of Early Career Investigator Travel Award for 21st Society on Neuroimmune Pharmacology (SNIP) Meeting, USA-2015
  • Recipient of Outstanding Presentation Award (1st Prize) at 21st Society on Neuroimmune Pharmacology (SNIP) Meeting, USA-2015
  • Recipient of Junior Research Investigator Award at 2nd Society for Personalized NanoMedicine (SPMN) Meeting, USA-2015
  • Recipient of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (MSE) Travel Award for American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition, USA-2011
  • Recipient of Wiley Best Poster Award (2nd Prize) at 20th LbL Meeting, France-2011
  • Recipient of Young Researcher International Travel Award at Bioencapsulation Research group (BRG) Annual Meeting- 2007 (Austria) & 2008 (Ireland)