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Gillis, Marin PhD, LPh

Title: Professor & Chief Division of Ethics, Humanities, and the Arts (DEHA)

Office: AHC2 598

Phone: 305-348-3847


Specialty: Bioethics, Clinical Ethics, Medical Humanities

Department(s): Humanities, Health and Society

Marin Gillis, PhD, LPh is a philosopher, bioethicist, and educator. She is Chief of the Division of Ethics, Humanities, and the Arts (DEHA). She obtained her LPh in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, and a PhD also in Philosophy from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Gillis has published in the area of ethics and medical biotechnologies, but is more recently devoted to the scholarship of health education, publishing in Medical Sciences Educator, Medical Teacher, MedEd Portal, and Academic Medicine. She also serves in various capacities towards the advancement of evidence-based ethics and humanities educational interventions, such as USA Working Group Director of the International Cambridge Consortium of Bioethics Educators and co-chair of the International Clinical Ethics and Consultation Conference (ICCEC) Scientific Review Board for the 2017 conference in Singapore. Dr. Gillis and her team investigate longitudinal, integrated, and co-curricular arts, humanities, ethics, and shared-decision making curriculum design in undergraduate medical education. Dr. Gillis is a full Professor in the Department of Humanities, Health and Society, a Faculty Associate in the Florida International University (FIU) Women and Gender Studies Program, and a past Fellow at the FIU Honors College.

Education and Training

  • LPh, Philosophy, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Course Director

  • Ethical Foundations of Medicine, Period 1
  • Medical Ethics and Humanism elective, Period 4
  • Narrative Medicine elective, Period 4
  • Advance Care Planning Longitudinal Thread, Periods 1-4


  • Bioethics
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Research Ethics

Select Publications

  • Gillis M, Stumbar S. “The Value of Arts and Humanities in Physician Resilience.” Florida Academy of Family Physicians Journal 26 (April 2017): 12-14.
  • Bates C, Gordon L, Travis E,  Chatterjee A, Chaudron L, Fivush B,  Gulati M, Jagsi R.  Sharma P,  Gillis M, Ganetzky R, Grover A, Lautenberger D,  Moses A. “Striving for Gender Equity in Academic Medicine: A Call to Action.“ Academic Medicine 91(8):1050-1052.
  • Tempest H, Gillis M, Weiler T, Fortun J. “Design of a Platform to Discuss Ethical Considerations of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: A Case for Integration of Ethics in Foundational Science Medical Curriculum.“ Medical Science Educator. (June 2016) 26(2): 213–219.
  • Gillis M, Weiler T. Genome Sequencing, Ethics of. In Bouhassira E, Golson JG, Eds. Encyclopedia of Stem Cell Research, Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2015.
  • Gillis M, Landa Galindez A, Cuellar M, Armas M, Mintzer M. “Helpless,” “Frustrated and “Indignant:” Medical Student Language as an Indicator of Moral Distress in Caring for the Elderly. Abstract for the President’s Circle Poster Session. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society April 2015; (63/Supp 1): S106-7.
  • Martinez I, Wells A, Mora C, Gillis M. 12 Tips for Teaching Social Determinants in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum. Medical Teacher (Nov 2014): 1-6. Online at:
  • Armas M, Gillis M, Cuellar M. Ethics Questionnaire Assignment in the Internal Medicine Clerkship. Med Ed Portal. Published August 21, 2013.
  • Gillis M, Hanrahan J. Article in Search of an Author: Exciting Collaboration or Unethical Conduct? Med Ed Portal. Published August 17, 2010.

Areas of Interest

  • Clinical Ethics and Decision-Making,
  • Healing Arts and Medical Humanities
  • Social Media in Medicine


  • Excellence in Medical School Teaching Award, HWCOM, 2016.
  • First Prize Poster. Gillis M, Martinez R, Perez-Loughlin L, Fourcand F, Barrett D. International Congress of Clinical Ethics and Consultation. Coma Simulation Meeting Clinical Neurology and Ethics Outcomes in US Undergraduate Clerkship. Ichan School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, New York, NY; May 2015.
  • President’s Circle Selection. American Society of Geriatrics Annual General Meeting 2015. Gillis M,Landa Galindez A, Cuellar M, Armas M, Mintzer M. “Helpless,” “Frustrated and “Indignant:” Medical Student Language as an Indicator of Moral Distress in Caring for the Elderly. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society April 2015; (63/Supp 1): S106-7.