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Ley Ramos, Felix F

Title: Assistant Professor

Phone: 305-348-7993


Department(s): Physician Assistant

Where are you from?

I was born in Cuba.

How long have you been with the PA program at FIU?

I have been with the PA Program since August 2014.

Role in the PA program:

I am one of the Principal Faculty, I teach Clinical Assessment I & II and am participating faculty within Clinical Medicine I & II.


Doctorate: Doctor of Medicine, First Degree Specialist in OB/GYN

Something unique about you:

I like swimming and diving.

Favorite Quote:

My grandmother used to tell me: To listen and to be listened to, is the way to understanding and peace.

Clinical Interests:

I enjoy teaching all the skills of the physical examination, and Endocrinology is one of my favorite’s courses.