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Hershberger, Eve A., MD, PhD

Title: Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health; Director of Behavioral Health at Student Health Services

Office: Student Health 104

Phone: 305-348-4877


Specialty: Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Spectrum, Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Clinical Implications of Resiliency and Ambiguity

Languages Spoken: English

Education: MD, Georgia Regents University, Medical College of Georgia

Practice Location: Student Health Services 151

Department(s): Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Dr Hershberger most recently has been active in assertive community action for the seriously mentally ill. Work in this setting has focused not only on psychotropic medication assessment and prescription but also on collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team in the support of patients who would otherwise have spent long periods of time as inpatients rather than as functioning members of the community. Prior to this Dr Hershberger served as Chief of the Psychiatry Service for the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Healthcare System where she wrote national funding grants and provided clinical guidance for inpatient, outpatient, community, residential and ambulatory substance, PTSD, telehealth and liaison programs. In addition, Dr Hershberger has served as clinical psychiatrist in many settings such as student health, acute and long-term inpatient treatment and private practice. Dr. Hershberger has several years' experience in Consult/Liaison Psychiatry including Urgent/Emergency Care, Intensive Care, Medical and Surgical Inpatient Units and Outpatient Clinics. Under the partnership between the VA and the University of Florida Department of Psychiatry, Dr Hershberger participated directly in the education of Psychiatry Residents and medical students.

Dr Hershberger's presentations and publications reflect approaches to research and writing that have focused on clinical work combined with insights from the psychological analysis of literature. She has explored psychological ambiguity and resiliency in creative writers and their works. She is currently designing a research project to study the clinical significance of these concepts.

Education and Training

  • Residency, Psychiatry, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
  • MD, Georgia Regents University, Medical College of Georgia
  • Post graduate training in Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia and the University of Miami
  • Master's in Humanistic Psychology, Georgia Southern University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


  • National Defense Education Act Fellowship
  • Neuroscience Summer Research Fellowship, University of Southern California
  • Florida Psychiatric Society Excellence Pursuit of Excellence Award
  • National Institutes of Health Fellowship
  • Southern Psychiatric Association Research and Paper Award


  • Hershberger E, Kanter R, Kirby ML. "Morphine Blocks the Increase of substantia gelatinosa Acid Phosphatase During Pain" Neuroscience Letters 35
  • Hershberger E, "L'Effet kaleidoscope (The Kaleidoscope Effect: A Split‑second of Chaos, a Moment of Unstable Reality)" Psychiatrie française
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