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Wells, Alan Lee

Title: Associate Professor

Office: AHC2 554A

Phone: 305-348-6197


Department(s): Humanities, Health and Society

Dr. Alan Wells began his academic career at the American Medical Association (AMA) Institute for Ethics as a senior research associate. He worked with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to develop a lecture series entitled "Nazi Crimes of a Medical Nature, Context and Lessons" with Continuing Medical Education credits in ethics supporting the "Deadly Medicine; Creating the Master Race" special exhibition. While at the AMA, he also staffed the very first national advisory council on policy for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues in American medicine. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada with a primary appointment in Gerontology, and in 2006, Dr. Wells accepted the position of Director of Research for the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare system in Milwaukee, WI. He completed a first-of-its-kind post-doctoral fellowship in community-based participatory research (CBPR) in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Wells joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin as a researcher scholar. Dr. Wells was the Principal Investigator on several community-based projects. Two of the projects are as follows: 1.) "Los Cuidadores Unidos," a pilot project with the United Community Center in Milwaukee, will develop an intervention for Latinos caring for relatives with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, and 2.) the "Around the Corner to Better Health," a program testing business and community strategies to increase health food access to Milwaukee's inner-city. Dr. Wells teaches courses on social determinants of health and cultural competency and is Co-Course Director for the longitudinal Green Family Foundation™ and the Community Engaged Physician, beginning in Period 2 through Period 4.

Education and Training

  • MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas
  • PhD, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas


  • Public Health and Infectious Disease
  • Community-based Participatory Research
  • Health Disparities

Select Publications

  • Wynia, MK, Wells AL. Light from the flames of hell: Remembrance and lessons of the Holocaust for today's medical profession. Journal of the Israel Medical Association. 2004.
  • Ross MW, Wells AL. Chapter 9.1 Homosexuality, bisexuality and sexual orientation. Kumar, B, Gupta, S, Eds. Sexually Transmitted Infections. Elsevier, New Delhi; 2005: 941-945.
  • Heitman E, Wells AL. Ethical issues and unethical conduct-Race-based abuses in medical research. In (Eds) Beech B, Setlow V, & Roohani M. Race and Research in Focus: Perspectives in Minority Participation in Health Studies. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association. 2004.
  • Ross MW, Wells AL. The Modernist Fallacy in Homosexual Selection Theories: Homosexual and Homosocial Exaptation in South Asian Society. Psychology, Evolution and Gender. 2001;(2) 253-262.

Areas of Interest

  • Aging in Latino populations
  • Infectious Disease, including Epidemiology, Prevention and Clinical Treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV)