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Abbott, Karen, PhD

Title: Associate Professor

Department(s): the Department of Translational Medicine

Karen Abbott has been a leader in the field of glyco-proteomics and biomarker discovery for over 14 years. As an associate professor within the Department of Translational Medicine, she works with TGIF Director Charles Dimitroff, PhD, to build collaborative translational glycoscience that fosters an environment supportive of mentoring the next generation of scientists and promoting research excellence.


PhD in Biochemistry from The University of Georgia, 2004

Research Areas

Dr. Abbott’s lab has been focused on the discovery and development of a human antibody that can target a specific form of N-linked tumor glycan found on glycoproteins abundantly expressed on ovarian cancer, glioblastoma, and lung cancer. This research has the potential to lead to new serum-based diagnostic assays and new therapeutic strategies to target these cancers. 

Abbott is currently funded by an Alliance of Glycobiologists NCI grant that is one of only nine competitively funded Tumor Glycomics Laboratories that are working to understand how complex carbohydrates contribute to the development and progression of tumors. She is also funded by the NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies grant that supports the development of novel and transformative technologies to develop new therapeutics and diagnostics for cancer. She has been funded for ovarian cancer research by since 2010.

In 2005, she was awarded an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship where she developed lectin capture methods for the analysis of glycoproteins from human tissues and plasma using mass spectrometry methods.