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1st Show

The first annual show was held in September 2012 and held at the FIU Frost Art Museum. The theme was "Radiology meets Art." There were 18 professional and amateur artists, art students, and breast cancer survivors who participated in contributing artwork to the event.

2012 Team members

  • Robert Guido
  • Natalia Echeverri
  • Leeann Sagmeister
  • Stephen Ferrerasi
  • Stephen Ferber
  • Michelle Abou-Jaoude
  • Luv Hajirawala
  • Adam El Kommos
  • Jerry Chersien
  • Jessica Battle
  • Jennifer Chen
  • Rebecca Cole
  • Grant Swartz
  • Zane Thompson
  • Silvia Coronel
  • Fabiana Barnabe
  • Claudia De Leon
  • Kenneth Maskell
  • Rhea Chattopadhyay
  • Jacqueline Atlass

2012 MAI Student art competition winners

First place: Gabriela Perez "Breast Cancer: A Collective Prospective"'

Second place: Bruce Hing "Change"

Third place: Edwive Seme "Clara"