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2nd Show

The second Annual Mammography Art Show was held in October 2013 at the Bakehouse Art Complex in the Wynwood Arts District. There were 23 artists who contributed art pieces to the event.

2013 Team members

  • Dr. Marin Gillis
  • Scarlett Aldana-Bosch
  • Matt Shapiro
  • Anna Kuan-Celarier
  • Lisa Podolsky
  • Kelsey Musgrove
  • Yumi Mendez
  • Shreya Mishra
  • Christina Gauthreaux
  • Beatriz Collada
  • Liza Smirnoff
  • James Li
  • Adrienne Wang
  • Matthew Sussman
  • Punya Narain
  • Cindy Lopez
  • Brigitte Lasser
  • Monica Patel
  • Joseph Violaris
  • Andrew Podley

2013 MAI Student Art Competition Winners

1st place: Adria Llerena "Sacrifice: A Mother's Loss"

2nd place: Ana Del Rio "Art is Stronger" and Sarai Davila "Healing a Broken Heart"

3rd place: Lisette Almeida "It Within Yourself Within It," Maria Ibarra "Untitled," andLauren Muskovac "Untitled"