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Upcoming Programs, Events and Conferences

Speaker Series

leadership series

In the fall of 2017, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will launch a Diversity Leadership Speaker Series. This series will include presentations and workshops by influential community partners and healthcare leaders, addressing the challenges of race, gender, and socioeconomic experiences and obtaining the opportunities to hold a leadership position. This series will allow medical students to find value from the speaker’s real world stories and to inspire them to pursue their goals of healthcare leadership and to enhance current leadership skills. The expectation is that students will take advantage of this resource to develop their leadership skills and apply them to their career.

Current Conversations


Current Conversations is an open floor dialogue series led by the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion welcoming students, staff, and faculty to explore and dig deeper into real world and up to date issues facing society today. This takes place every other month of the academic schedule and will follow topics related to race, gender, religion, and politics and their effects on healthcare.

Diversity in Medicine

conference room

Diversity in Medicine is an open dialogue meeting between the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and medical students to discuss our culture and their learning experience at HWCOM. Students are given the opportunity to discuss any matter they choose in a safe, collegial, and supportive environment. Topics range from personal challenges students may be facing in the classroom or clinical setting, to ideas that students may have to improve culture competence and the learning environment.