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Since beginning its Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) preliminary accreditation survey in 2007, HWCOM has engaged in processes to ensure compliance with LCME standards and elements. Senior administrative staff developed processes for assessing medical education program outcomes that aligned with LCME accreditation standards, which led to successful achievement of full accreditation in 2013.

In 2012, the LCME introduced a formal requirement (Element 1.1) requiring medical education programs to engage in continuous quality improvement (CQI). In response to this new requirement, Dean Rock took several actions to formalize CQI processes: a standing CQI Committee was established and charged with overseeing a monitoring system that ensures effective processes for maintaining compliance with LCME accreditation standards and elements; this committee works to improve the medical education program within the context of LCME accreditation standards. Additionally, a Continuous Quality Improvement Office was established to support the efforts of the CQI Committee; personnel in this office coordinate data collection and manage documentation required in the CQI process.

Members of the CQI Committee can access the LCME and CQI Sharepoint site here.

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