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Division of Research, Information and Data Coordinating Center

Division of Research Team

The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine’s (HWCOM) Division of Research & Information/ Data Coordinating Center is committed to the unbiased generation and analysis of data and the dissemination of results in order to serve the needs of the community, the academic pursuits of FIU faculty, and the educational aspirations of students.    We aspire to inform future research, support programmatic activities designed to affect change, effectively translate findings into relevant public policy recommendations, and train the next generation of health care providers in the proper use of evidence-based medicine.

Healthy neighborhoods provide the backbone for academic achievement, establishment of a strong workforce, stable development and a vibrant economy.  The FIU HWCOM Division of Research & Information seeks to support a long-term, successfully sustainable community through research and education directed at recognizing, understanding, and effectively responding to the intersections between a community’s health status and the social determinants of health (those conditions in which people are born, live, work and age).   It is these social determinants that are most responsible for health inequities and the vast disparities found in health status across the varying populations of South Florida.     Chronic disease and preventive health indicators throughout the South Florida region illustrate the complexities associated with ethnically diverse medically underserved populations and health status, thus highlighting the need to understand these differences on a neighborhood level.  FIU’s HWCOM Division of Research & Information is leading the way in not only interpreting but responding to these factors.