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About Us

Florida International University College of Medicine, South Florida's only public medical school, is transforming the future of public health and educational opportunity in the region. Created in 2006 amid pressing community health concerns and a projected critical shortage of physicians nationally, the College of Medicine is developing a curriculum that reflects an innovative, 21st century approach to health care and medical education.

The medical school will provide quality, affordable medical education and educate physicians who are culturally sensitive to South Florida's diverse demographics. It will help advance South Florida's health care dynamic by facilitating improved access to first-ratemedical care among our medically underserved populations and lead an economic impact that will eventually reach more than $1 billion each year.

 Academic Health Complex

Distinguishing characteristic: Only public medical school in South Florida
Authorization by the State Board of Governors: March 2006
Opening of the FIU College of Medicine: Fall 2009
Number of students in inaugural class: 40
Number of students at full capacity: 480
Annual tuition cost: For cost of attendance - click here
Expected annual economic impact: More than $1 billion to the state's economy
Contribution to the state tax base: As much as $62 million
New jobs to be created in South Florida: More than 8,300
Affiliated Hospitals: Baptist Health South Florida, Broward Health System, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Jackson North Medical Center, Leon Medical Centers, Memorial Health Care System (Hollywood), Mercy Hospital, Miami Children's Hospital, Mt. Sinai Medical Center.