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The Department of Medicine was founded in the Fall of 2008 with the establishment of the new College of Medicine.

Vision: To be the leaders in providing care and developing and disseminating knowledge on how to provide optimal care for the health of our community, locally, nationally and internationally.

Mission: Through academic excellence as well as lessons learned from our community-based medical practices, we will lay the groundwork for providing the best care in a culturally-sensitive manner, thereby improving the care of our community and laying the path for how medical care will evolve in our country over the next decades. The mission will be accomplished through:

  • Providing a focus on care of the patient as an individual within the experiences and environment of the patient
  • Recruiting leading clinicians and health-outcomes researchers from around the world
  • Collaborating with other College of Medicine departments in teaching, practicing, and researching models of care
  • Developing multidisciplinary approaches collaboratively with other FIU schools of health care professionals in establishing up-to-date care models
  • Role modeling for trainees through our community clinical practices
  • Establishing educational programs focusing on community-based, patient-centric care
  • Developing a residency training program in tune with the needs of patients

Medicine Overview