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Office of Finance & Administration

The Office of Finance and Administration is led by Liane Martinez, Executive Associate Dean for Finance and Administration. Liane provides leadership in the administration of financial planning, strategic planning operations, budgeting accountability, financial reporting, facilities planning, human resources, and information technology. The following personnel report directly to her:

Danielle M. Miller, Director of Finance

Elizabeth Rockowitz, MS Ed, CPHIMSS, Associate Dean of Health Information Technology for FIU HWCOM & FIU Health - HealthCare Network

Natacha Alonso, Director of Human Resources

Jose A. Rodriguez, RA, Director of Facilities


The Facilities Department works in close coordination with the FIU Campus Facilities Dept and is responsible for providing facilities input, guidance, and technical support on College of Medicine development plans within the Academic Health Center and supporting facilities. This includes the development of facilities criteria, assessment of comparable facilities at other institutions as benchmarks for development of new facilities, and the collection and assembly of space data included in the accreditation submission to the LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and related entities, serving as content expert on facilities for LCME accreditation team, and providing the necessary input for accreditation submittal.
The Department is engaged in long range facilities planning and implementation of all capital projects (new construction and remodeling/renovation projects) to support continued and new operations within the Academic Health Center, overseeing with designated Project Managers (Facilities Construction) the implementation of required construction to accommodate the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and related entities development plans. In collaboration with Academic Space Management space, the Department develops allocations and phasing plans within existing AHC1, AHC2, Green Library and other spaces as required to properly accommodate designated programs and space needs necessary for years 1 through 8 (2009-2017) for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and its related entities.


The Department of Finance is the area responsible for the financial management and analysis and financial operations for the HWCOM. The Financial Management and Analysis function includes the budget development and monitoring, compliance , strategic resource allocation, and financial reporting for all units within the COM. This applies to all funding sources such as Educational and General (E&G) , Student Tuition and Fees, Contracts and Grants, Foundation and Auxiliaries. The Financial Operations function primarily includes the procurement of goods and services, deposits, employee expense reimbursements and other day to day functions which have a financial impact to the College.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department assists the College of Medicine leaders in all human resources functions and activities such as recruitment, hiring, benefits, compensation and employee relations to ensure consistent interpretation and application of human resources programs and initiatives while delivering highest quality HR services to create a positive working environment. The HR Team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing quality customer service and are committed to helping the College of Medicine fulfill their mission and vision. They work in close collaboration with FIU Academic Affairs Personnel and Budget as well as the FIU Division of Human Resources.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides technology services to the entire medical school including satellite locations. COM IT operations include:

  • Managing the technology infrastructure and network resources
  • Operational and educational applications support and development
  • Support for desktop and computing devices
  • Classroom and learning facilities support

COM IT strives to enhance learning and productivity by utilizing technologies that promote collaboration, mobility, and accessibility of resources. This effort is evident in the implementation of state-of-the art computing infrastructure and devices, and innovative learning tools at the College of Medicine.